Transvulcania, voted Best Race of the Year for the second time in a row

Poll resultsThe readers of the specialised website Carreras Por Montaña, one of the most followed in Spain, have chosen the Ultramarathon of La Palma as the Best Race of the Year in an online poll. Almost half of the participants (42%) have opted for our race as their favourite and it’s the second year in a row that this happens.


After Transvulcania, the next most valued race, with 33% of the vote, was Zegama-Aizkorri (Basque Country, Spain). The third most popular option was the Ultratrail du Mont Blanc (France), supported by 12% of the users. The rest of the candidates were the neighbouring Transgrancanaria and the US-based races Hard Rock 100 and Western States 100.


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