Transvulcania begins 2015 with a clean balance sheet

20150107 NP facturas y cuentasTransvulcania, the Ultramarathon of La Palma, begins 2015 without any debts from the previous year. All the bills from the last race were payed for before the 1st of January, which allows the future edition to start moving without any financial drags. The aim is to raise the amount of private money thrown in while reducing the public contributions at the same time. Ultimately, the organizers hope get an evenly distributed budget where the runners, the sponsors and the local government cough up a third of the investment each.


As it stands, the race generates about 300.000 euros of income, while public financing amounts to 435.000. The latter figure could be crunched by a third in 2014, despite including two more categories (Vertical Kilometer and Marathon) and hence 55% more participants.

A financial report calculates that each runner visiting the island spends about 150 euros per day if coming from the Spanish mainland and about 200 euros per day if coming from other countries. On the other side, the event costs each inhabitant of the island about 4.7 euros in taxes. The same document estimates the overall return of the event to be between 1.3 and 1.9 million euros.


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