The new aid stations line-up, more demanding and safe

Refugio del Pilar (Jonás Rigoni / Transvulcania)Transvulcania’s 7th edition, to be celebrated in May 2015, will have a new arrangement of the aid stations, to make them safer and faster to use but also more demanding. The new disposition will affect both their features and their position on the map, although only in the case of the Ultramarathon (73,3 km) and the Marathon (44 km). No changes will be made to those included in the Half Marathon and the Vertical Kilometer.

All the changes are concentrated in the segment between Refugio del Pilar (km 24 of the Ultramarathon and start line of the Marathon) and Roque de los Muchachos (the highest point in the island and the race course: km 50 of the Ultramarathon and km 26 of the Marathon). Of the three aid stations covering that part of the course up to 2014 (El Reventón, Pico de la Nieve and Pico de la Cruz), only two will remain (El Reventón and Pico de la Cruz), although better stocked. For instance, El Reventón will now offer solid food as well as drinks, whereas Pico de la Cruz (4,5 km away from the aforementioned Pico de la Nieve) will be enhanced and enlarged.

Mariano Hernández Zapata, Councilor for Sports at Cabildo de La Palma (the government of the island as well as the organization in charge), explained the doble pronged approach to this decision: «We positively want a more demanding race, but one that it is also safer. When it comes to the competition itself, we consider the need to prove that Transvulcania belongs to the elite of trail running, on par with the rest of races included in the International Skyrunning Federation World Series. In the last few years we have seen an explosion in the number of competing runs, but we aim to maintain a high standard in order to keep attracting the best among the best. We already took a first step in that direction with the new entry requirements, and the undiminished pace of registrations tells us that it was a well accepted change».

«In terms of safety, which is quite obviously of the greatest importance, the confluence of runners from the Ultramarathon and the Marathon at Pico de la Nieve heightened the risk of crowding, an undesirable event for both the enjoyment and well being of the participants. It is an additional step to improve even further the Transvulcania experience, which falls in line with the decision to move the start of the Marathon one hour ahead, from 10.30 AM to 09.30 AM».



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