Over 90% of the Ultramarathon places, already gone

20141217 NP Agotamiento plazasTrasvulcania’s Ultramarathon, at 73,3 km the longest and most ambitious of its races, is on the brink of closing entries five months ahead of its celebration (9th of May 2015). Not even the new entry requirements have slowed down the interest of the running community for the event, to be held in La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain) and scheduled to open the International Skyrunning Federation calendar for the upcoming season.


For Mariano Hernández Zapata, Councilor for Sports at Cabildo Insular de La Palma (the government of the island, which is also the organization in charge) this serves as a proof of the international attention gathered. “For 2015 we wanted a more demanding competition, on a par with its partners on the ISF World Series. That is why we upped the requirements and shrunk the admissions quota from 2.000 down to 1.800 participants. However , the figures show that Transvulcania is still very much an unmissable date for trail runners. No one wants to be left out and that makes us not only proud but also thankful”.

Well over a half of the available entries for the Marathon (44 km) and the Half Marathon (24 km) have also been allocated as of today. The new requisites force prospective participants to demonstrate their prior completion of at least one similar race. As stated in the regulations for 2015, one has to prove to have finished a 40 km or longer mountain race 18 months ahead of Transvulcania, while those interested in the 44 km Marathon need at least a 20 km qualifier. No previous experience is required for either the Half Marathon (23 km) or the Vertical Kilometer, although it is strongly suggested.

A second novelty for the upcoming year is the new cancellation policy, more generous and flexible than before (60% of fees refunded upon withdrawal before the 11th of February and 50% of them from that date onwards and up until the 1st of April).

Finally, it is worth-noting to say that the registration for the Transvulcania Vertical Kilometer will become available during the first days of January at


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