Transvulcania will celebrate its big day on May 9th through the first edition of Transvulcania Virtual Race

A powerful technological tool from Sport Heroes, will allow runners from all over the world to complete this new challenge adapted to the current health situation

Due to the postponement of the planned date for Transvulcania 2020, from May 2 to 9, currently rescheduled for the week of September 26 to October 3, the Organization of the event, was clear that on the second weekend of May all World trail lovers should have their eyes set on Isla Bonita and the twelfth edition of Transvulcania.

For this reason, together with SkyMan, Transvulcania has been working for weeks to once again be at the forefront of mountain races around the world and celebrate, on its original date, the first edition of the Transvulcania Virtual Race.  Taking part of the Skyrunner Virtual Series, a virtual circuit dependent on the Skyrunner World Series.

Technology and Sport will shake hands on Saturday May 9 to facilitate that every trail lover can participate from anywhere in the world, in this innovative virtual challenge. You only need  to register on the Running Heroes UK by Sport Heroes website, compatible with most GPS tracking devices, a system also used by other prestigious virtual events worldwide, such as the Ironman virtual series. This platform, in combination with the participant’s regular monitoring app, will allow tracking any type of activity, such as running or walking.

Registration for the Transvulcania Virtual Race will be free and open to everyone, thus facilitating both runners who were going to be on La Palma in May, as well as those who were left out or even participants of previous editions, can also enjoy this virtual edition together. The registration period has just opened and will continue open until Friday, May 8 at 11:59 p.m. (CET). Registration can be done through the Running Heroes UK by Sport Heroes website.

For this occasion, there will be two categories when registering: a “Popular” category and another “Runner” category. The “Popular” category is aimed at participants of any type of activity and distance who want to join the first edition of the Transvulcania Virtual Race from home. Instead, the “Runner” category is aimed at those participants who are willing to run between 45 and 60 minutes, a period in which the total distance that each participant has traveled in that period will be collected through the exchange of data between their regular monitoring and the Running Heroes UK by Sport Heroes portal.

The period in which each participant will be able to complete this new challenge will be only 24 hours, beginning at 00:01 am (CET) and ending at 11:59 pm (CET) on the same Saturday, May 9th. It doesn’t matter if you do it on a treadmill, in the hallway or in the garden of your house, the important thing is to participate in this first virtual edition of the event and spend a different day competing with Skyrunners from all over the world in a very peculiar edition of this Transvulcania Virtual Race. After that 24-hour period, there will be a symbolic ranking of all the finishers of the event.

As 2020 is being a particularly different year for all, from the Organization we seek that all participants in the first virtual edition of the event are part of the great history of Transvulcania. Therefore, any participant who finishes the challenge can win, by draw, various awards from Transvulcania, the Skyrunner World Series and several sponsors.

In addition, the Organization will provide those enrolled, with the first customizable official bib of this new race modality, in addition to a finisher medal, an exact replica of the official medals that were to be delivered in this May 2020 edition, both printable, which will serve to make the challenge even more real and fun. Without a doubt, a collector’s item for all lovers of Transvulcania. Likewise, the Organization invites all participants to tag the event in all the photos / videos that they upload to social networks to make Transvulcania Virtual Race viral. The Organization also reserves several surprises for that day.