Transvulcania modifies the start and finish line for the safety of the runners and the crowd

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These amendments are requested by the runners of the Ultramarathon, as well as the crowd in general

Modificación en la salidaIn the survey of satisfaction that we send to every runner in order to know their opinions, the runners often argue that the start of the Ultramarathon, in “Faro de Fuencaliente”, is usually dangerous, because of the bottleneck formed at the ascent to the trail. This problem, although to a lesser degree, is also given at the start of the Half Marathon.

For resolving this issue, the organization, with a previous study of the situation, the director of the safety-plan of Transvulcania, has decided to make a modification of the starting route of the race, using the road “Costa del Faro” and the “LP-207”, until the access to the trail which will take the runners to “Tenerquía” and the “Volcán de San Antonio”. This implies that the athletes will run a larger share on an asphalt road, in order to stretch the runners group for avoiding the bottleneck.

Modificación en la metaAnother security modification is going to affect the finish line of the Ultramarathon in “Los Llanos de Aridane”. The actual finish line in “Los Llanos de Aridane” would have trouble in terms of place, which actually would make it very difficult for the health team of the Transvulcania. This is why the organization has decided to relocate the finish line at the “Avenida Enrique Mederos”, near to the crossroad with the “Avenida Doctor Fleming”. At this point, the runners will find the sanitary device, as well as the physiotherapists.

The director of the safety-plan of Transvulcania, said that this restructuring will cause that even more people can enjoy the “show”, seeing how the runners get to the finish line. The restructuring will also facilitate the work of the health teams of the Transvulcania.

The sports counsellor of the Transvulcania, Ascención Rodríguez, mentioned that “this restructuring is something that the runners have often named in our satisfaction-survey, and that is why we decided to improve the race by doing these modifications”. She also said that “it is going to be safer for all runners and even more people will enjoy this fantastic show”.

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