Sports psychology: raise your head

We often run with our head down, staring at the ground, in a thrance-like state of mind. If we were to look at us from outside one would think that we are running with humbleness, self-absorbed, eager not to disturb, stepping without leaving footmarks, trying to leave the trail as we found it, hoping to go unnoticed.

But when you run through the beautiful island of La Palma raise your head because you are great, because it takes a superman or a superwoman to sync your training with your daily life. Run with the head up and enjoy that you have been preparing for a long time. Raise your head for being a living example of good values for the people around you.

I do not exaggerate at all. You are an example of resolve, perseverance, fighting spirit and goal oriented work. A day you dreamt about coming to La Palma and that day will come. The road has not been easy but only you and those like you by the lighthouse of Fuencaliente actually know it..

Run with the head up since you are an example of resistance against adversity and self-restraint. Properly or unproperly trained a moment come when everything aches and on that precise moment you prevail thanks to your willpower and determination.

You are an example of maximum focus, held for hours on end. Do you know how many steps will you take on La Palma? Each and every one of them gets you closer to the finish line. Every step you skip a hurdle. Every step you turn a problem into a challenge.

You are an example of adaptability to a rapidly shifting and demanding environment. You are able to analize your context and to browse in your reservoir of strategies, finding the resource that would suit you better. It doesn’t matter if you face the unkown, you know you are capable of anything and you know you have the tools to face a changing environment.

Run with your head up since you are an example of security. A security which is born out of your painstaking preparation, your attention to detail, your vigilance over what you eat, your equipment and your body. The secret of success lies in the details.

Run with your head up so that everyone around you know that you are in La Palma thanks to your talent for planning. So many things to plan, right? Training cycles, cooling off periods, nutritional needs, work, sport and family.

You are capable of self motivation and to tolerate suffering. You are an example of freedom despite the circumstances, of balance and of dynamism. And most importantly, you are an example of fighting spirit. An example of an achiever.

I’ll see you in La Palma. I’d like to see you running with your head up. Enjoying your effort, the island and your many virtues.


Tomás Navarro
Psychologist · Coach · Commentator


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