Half Marathon Transvulcania

Half Marathon Transvulcania

  • 02.10.2020
  • 12:00 - 18:30

The Half-Marathon of Transvulcania is not as tough as the Ultramarathon race since it is just 24.28 km long.


It begins in Faro de Fuencaliente, only one hour later than the Ultramarathon. The Half-Marathon goes through the emblematic Volcano Route to the Recreational Area of ‘Refugio de El Pilar’ but this implies running in the opposite direction of the course so we must add an uphill path trough a ‘Malpais’of volcanic lava.


The short version of Transvulcania has 2,097 meters of positive cumulative gain and 689 meters of negative cumulative gain in a distance of 24.28 kilometers.


All that, passing through several emblematic points such as the place where people from the town of Fuencaliente and other parts of the island come together in the early hours of the morning to cheer up the runners as they pass by. Another important place is Las Deseadas, one of those places that make runners fall in love because of its wonderful  views.

  • General                    65.00 €
  • Local residents      45.00 €

* In order to obtain the special fee for La Palma residents you must attach your current Identity Card or Certificate of Residence to the registration form.


Click on each track to get the elevation profile and the correspondent information about every partial.

Elevation (m)
Race Km
Stage length (Km)
Stage cumulative gain + (m)
Stage cumulative gain - (m)
Cut-off time
Faro de FuencalienteStart
50---12:00 (Start)
Los CanariosAid station (Liquids)
Las DeseadasAid station (Liquids)
El PilarFinish


  • Limits:
    600 participants