El impacto en las diferentes plataformas de la Transvulcania Virtual Race alcanza cifras sin precedentes en la historia del deporte de La Palma

The impact on the different platforms of the Transvulcania Virtual Race reaches unprecedented figures in the history of sport on La Palma

The CEO of Sodepal, Raquel Díaz, confirms the data and the potential of the race.

The impact of the first Transvulcania Virtual Race on the different platforms, together with the high number of participants, has exposed an unquestionable reality: the transformation by Covid-19 of one of the best and most prestigious mountain races on the international calendar. It has proven to be an unprecedented achievement in the history of sports on the Island.

Nearly 3,000 participants from 60 countries, more than 540 posts and stories on Instagram during the week of the event, 14,000 views of the video of the 2019 departure shared this Saturday, 5,000 interactions, 35,000 followers on Facebook … The promotion counselor Economica del Cabildo de La Palma, Raquel Díaz, has recognized that “the commitment to a virtual Transvulcania, within the framework of the necessary reevaluation of the projects we have entrusted, has been a challenge for the entire Sodepal team. Although, we knew about the pull and of the prestige of the brand, in no case could we imagine that the reconversion of the race would reach such a high level of acceptance and significance. A satisfaction of which we want to involve the true protagonists who are none other than all those people who decided have your bib on a May 9 that we will always remember. “

The Transvulcania Virtual Race carried out up to five programs disseminated through social networks during the past week, in which the palm racers who won the 2019 edition participated, to a wide representation of the island’s trail clubs, members of the organization, elites, the winners of previous editions and sponsors, with direct connections from different continents. The number of live viewers was 53,472.

The insular counselor for Tourism and Sports, Raúl Camacho, highlighted that “the Transvulcania Virtual Race has exceeded all expectations, but from now on we have to think and focus our efforts exclusively on the face-to-face race, which if sanitary conditions allow it It will be held between September 29 and October 3. ” And it is that “we are facing an event that exceeds the merely sporting character to become, on its own merits, one of the most important social and tourism promotion events that are held each year on La Palma”.

Lastly, the race director, Miriam Cruz, was satisfied “by being able to build the largest virtual trail race in history among all, making it possible to enjoy it in a new way and demonstrating that from La Palma we have the ability to give the necessary steps to take Transvulcania towards its future .”