Dmitry Mityaev and Azara García, two diamonds for the twelfth edition of Transvulcania

The Russian runner opts for the renewed Marathon, while the Cantabrian does it for the mythical ultra marathon


Little by little, the cast of elite runners is being revealed. On this occasion the Russian runner of Adidas Terrex, Dmitry Mityaev, and national broker Azara García, of HG AML TEAM, confirm their presence.


The Russian, considered one of today’s top runners, will try his luck in the Transvulcania Marathon, after having achieved two second places in the Transvulcania Ultramarathon in 2018 and 2019. Mityaev completed a scandal season in 2019, after climbing to the top of the podium on the Vanoise High Trail, the Albrindustria Elbrus Race Ultra and Ultra Pirineu. He also placed second in the tough TDS of UTMB. He will arrive in Transvulcania in very good shape to try his luck in a new distance for him, the Transvulcania Marathon, whose route will be familiar to him from his previous participation in the ultramarathon.


Garcia’s last season was also quite impressive. She finished fourth in the Abutres Trail World Championship, and also managed to proclaim herself runner-up in teams at the WMRA Mountain Racing World Championship in Argentina, after the combined France and Romania. In addition to placing first in the MiM or a second position in the OCC of UTMB. Garcia will fight for the first time to climb to the top of the Ultramarathon podium in her first participation in this distance.


The Cantabrian is not entirely new in Transvulcania, since in 2014 and 2015 they already participated in the Half Marathon, reaping a second and first place respectively. These are undoubtedly two candidates to keep an eye on in the final pools of the Transvulcania Ultramarathon and Marathon 2020.