Decalogue for volunteers
  • Volunteers are responsible for carrying out the commitments of the Organization.
  • Volunteers must accept the tasks and location assigned by the Organization.
  • Volunteers undertake to perform their task with a professional serious and responsible attitude that ensures the normal development of the race.
  • Volunteers are obliged to be on the assigned place by the Organization. If attending is not possible, he/she must give prior notice to the Organization in order to look for a substitute.
  • Volunteers are responsible for being punctual to the assigned place by the Organization.


Volunteers are a fundamental part of the Organization of Transvulcania, so the most important aim of this Decalogue is giving THANKS.


  • Volunteers are obliged to remain in the assigned place until the ending hour of the task or the closure of that checkpoint.
  • Volunteers will always wear the official clothing given by the Organization in order to be correctly identified.
  • Volunteers undertake to assist to the coordination meetings determined by the Organization in order to know the technical particularities of their tasks.
  • Volunteers undertake to handle the given information in order to give the best attendance to participants and/or visitants of Transvulcania.
  • Volunteers undertake to respect the natural environment where the race takes place.