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The catastrophe we are experiencing in La Palma, with hundreds of families who have lost their homes and businesses, prevents us from celebrating the Transvulcania 2021, scheduled for the last days of October. A week after the eruptive process began, the lava continues to threaten the infrastructures of our people, of our village, without anyone being able to set a date for its completion.

The organisation of Transvulcania decided at the beginning of the eruption to wait the necessary time to decide whether or not it was possible to continue with the event, a complex decision because we know that apart from being a sporting spectacle it is always an economic injection for La Palma. And it is clear that common sense obliges us to cancel the event.

Each and every one of the runners will have two options from now on: refund 100% of the registration fee or transfer the registration to the May 2022 edition, which must be communicated through the mail The refund, if applicable, will be made in a matter of weeks.

It should be noted that Transvulcania staff, as well as the rest of the employees of the public company Sodepal, are now working in logistical centres to support the people affected by the volcano. In addition, other measures are being studied, which will be made known through social networks, to raise funds for the benefit of those affected by the catastrophe.

Each and every one of those affected are an essential part of Transvulcania, and they will never be alone.


As you probably know, the restrictions established by the European Union for the traffic of passengers from third countries and the impossibility of traveling health of participants, family and fans force us to postpone Transvulcania until 2021. From now on you can start the process of returning or changing your Transvulcania registration:

The international health situation caused by Covid-19 obligated us to cancel Transvulcania

The restrictions established by the European Union for the traffic of passengers from third countries and the impossibility of traveling health of participants, family and fans force to postpone it until 2021. The worldwide health situation caused by Covid-19, with special incidence even today in countries to which figures belong international trail running and popular athletes that every year compete in La Palma, has forced the suspension of the Transvulcania 2020, which had been rescheduled from September 26 to October 3, after that in May it had to be held virtually.

El impacto en las diferentes plataformas de la Transvulcania Virtual Race alcanza cifras sin precedentes en la historia del deporte de La Palma

The impact on the different platforms of the Transvulcania Virtual Race reaches unprecedented figures in the history of sport on La Palma The CEO of Sodepal, Raquel Díaz, confirms the data and the potential of the race. The impact of the first Transvulcania Virtual Race on the different platforms, together with the high number of participants, has exposed an unquestionable reality: the transformation by Covid-19 of one of the best and most prestigious mountain races on the international calendar. It has proven to be an unprecedented achievement in the history of sports on the Island.

Transvulcania will celebrate its big day on May 9th through the first edition of Transvulcania Virtual Race

A powerful technological tool from Sport Heroes, will allow runners from all over the world to complete this new challenge adapted to the current health situation Due to the postponement of the planned date for Transvulcania 2020, from May 2 to 9, currently rescheduled for the week of September 26 to October 3, the Organization of the event, was clear that on the second weekend of May all World trail lovers should have their eyes set on Isla Bonita and the twelfth edition of Transvulcania.

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