Transvulcania Naviera Armas prepares its first interactive broadcasting

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In this edition, as a novelty, the viewer will have the chance to choose the finish line she/he wants to see

The organization of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2018 is still developing every year. For this edition, the organization has decided to improve the dissemination of the event in order to be one of the best in the world. Although this improvement is not going to be easy, as the broadcasting of last year’s race was already a big success, with more than 85.000 viewers from more than 108 different countries, the organization will try to improve even more the quality of the broadcasting.

In this edition, the coverage will start on Wednesday the 9th at 11 am, through Facebook Live, with the official presentation of the race from the Grantecan (Roque de Los Muchachos). After that, at 5 pm, the Transvulcania Talks Cicar will be broadcasted from the Hotel H10 Taburiente Playa.

The following day, Thursday the 10th, there will be an incredible coverage of the first event of the race, the Vertical Kilometre Transvulcania Binter, which will start at 5 pm and will be broadcasted through the streaming of our official website. On Friday the 11th, the broadcasts will continue from the Hotel H10 Taburiente Playa, at 5 pm, where the elite runners’ round table as well as the Briefing before the race will start. This event will be broadcasted through Facebook Live.

The main course of the event will be on Saturday the 12th, where the viewer will have the chance to enjoy the Ultramarathon Naviera Armas, the Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias and the Marathon H10 Hotels. As mentioned before, one of the novelties of this edition is that the viewer will have the choice to select the finish line he or she wants to see at this moment. This makes the Transvulcania Naviera Armas one of the few races with an interactive broadcasting of the event, which certainly will set a new trend.

For this spectacular coverage, the Transvulcania Naviera Armas will count with a main internet coverage distributed all over the island, with more than 15 different links and more than 30 professionals.

Coverage of the Televisión Canaria

In addition to that, Televisión Canaria will make also a great coverage of the race. They will count with 25 professionals, an HD mobile unit and five cameras. One of these cameras will cover the whole Avenida Enrique Mederos and the other four will cover the finish line of the races. The times of broadcast of Televisión Canaria will be approximately from 10 am to 14:15 pm, taking like this the Transvulcania Naviera Armas to all the Canary homes.

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