Transvulcania Team Response – Agenda 2020

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85 of the 1,129 registered runners have contacted us with concerns about the changes in scheduling. To continue to be completely honest and transparent, we want to share these numbers with you

We have listened to each person carefully that has contacted us. Of the 85 that we have spoken to, unfortunately 6 runners have been forced to cancel their participation in Transvulcania 2020 due to the impossibility of changing the flight schedules after the new schedule changes.

Transvulcania’s Organization has tried to attend each of the runners and as a team we will continue to help those in search for alternative solutions so that they can still participate in the events. We will continue to accompany them throughout the process in order to ensure everyone that wishes to participate in this year´s event, will have the chance to do so.

We understood that the change of schedule was a complex decision to make, but it was necessary for La Palma. We will continue to use all of our available resources while doing everything within our power to minimize the impact of these decisions for those affected by them.