Transvulcania Naviera Armas aspires to be a sustainable event

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The Canarian race maintains its aim of receiving the qualification as a “sustainable event”, given by the international certification UNE-ISO 20121:2013

The Transvulcania Naviera Armas maintains its road map planned in 2018. The Canarian race is in his way to became the first Trail running event in the Canary Islands, and one of the few in Spain, with the Certification of sustainable event ISO.

One of the objectives is diminishing the material consumption and pollution, due to the reduction of plastic materials and the consumption of biodegradable materials. Another aim is the re-use of materials, such as tarpaulins of other editions, which have been used to make bags and items through the work of the Isonorte Foundation. This fulfils a double function, as the manufacture of these objects is important for the environmental care, but it is important as well for people who are in risk of social exclusion, as it gives them a job opportunity.

Furthermore, every victualling point in the race, as well as the start and finish line, will count with containers of selective separation for the athletes, fans and volunteers, in order to separate the residues in the different containers. These containers will be brought to a special complex, where the residues will be selectively separated for a proper recycling. This system has been designed by the Consorcio de Servicios de La Palma and different municipalities.

The use of public transport for assisting to the main places of the race is another aspect which distinguish the Transvulcania as an event that respects the environment. The Transvulcania has the support of 14 municipalities in La Palma as well as local councillorships, sponsors, supply companies, security and emergences, fans and, last but not least, athletes. All of them carry an environmental liability and have to adapt to the requirements and needs of a sustainable event.

Moreover, the Transvulcania keeps his campaign Plastic Free, designed by Naviera Armas, main sponsor of the race. This campaign seeks to eliminate the plastic consumption in all their vessels, maritime terminals and offices.