Transvulcania 2020 New management “Recovering origins”

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Transvulcania 2020 will be the strictest edition to the sport and environment

Since 2009 the island of La Palma has become an epicenter of world-trail. Transvulcania, becoming known as a world-renowned mountain race, has substantially improved and grown into the remarkable environment it is today.

Under new management, the passion and magic that it once had has returned. TRV20 is a project that maximizes the location of the island. Transvulcania will continue to improve, as if every “Palmero” has a part in doing so.

The 12th edition will take place in 2020. We’ll continue to consistently improve every aspect of the event. The rigorousness and excellence of previous editions will remain evident as the goal in of the competition remains the same; Maximizing the beauty of the environment to give every participant the motivation to reach the finish line.

By recommendation of the National Parks Service, we have reduced the number of participants this year in order to ensure the protection of what makes TRV20 so special; the environment.

After reviewing the 1319 Ultramarathon subscriptions from the previous year, and in order to follow the directions of our Security, we believe reducing that number to 1000 is a small price to pay for the preservation of the Island’s beauty.

Therefore, 2020’s edition will definitively have 1000 runners for the Ultramarathon, 600 for the Marathon, 600 for the Half-Marathon, and 300 for the Vertical Kilometer in order to protect the environment and maintain the certification ISO 20121:2013, keeping TRV20 a sustainable event.

We have also modified the time in which athletes will have to complete the Ultramarathon. Runners will now have 16 hours to reach Los Llanos de Aridane, after adjusting the times at each checkpoint, making it more similar to other mountain marathons that have taken place in the last 18 months.

Management of TVS20 will continue to work with the National Parks Service while studying the number of participants each year to ensure that we can create sustainable project that is unforgettable for everyone involved.

This was not a difficult decision for us at Transvulcania La Palma simply because it protects the most important element of this event, our island.