Thibaut Garrivier and Ragna Debats, winners of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas

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  • Both winners register their names in the list of champions of the Canarian race
  • Juan Esteban Las Peñas and Yuri Yoshizumi win the Marathon H10 Hotels
  • Aritz Egea and Yngvild Kaspersen get the victory in the Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias, included a record broken by the Norwegian athlete

The French runner Thibaut Garrivier and the Dutch athlete Ragna Debats were the champions of the eleventh edition of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas. Both of them achieved like this their first victory at the Transvulcania Naviera Armas, the most international and recognised event in La Palma. The fans enjoyed a fantastic day, with spectacular races and great competition among the runners who took part in this year’s edition.

The French runner did a very smart race, after learning a lot in last year’s edition, where he finished in the third position. Probably, the experience earned in the Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2018, gave Garrivier the confidence he needed to fight for the win in this year’s race. The French athlete waited for his moment, he pressured his rival Mityaev in the decisive point and resisted the push of the Russian athlete at the end of the race for winning his first ever Transvulcania Naviera Armas.

The first runner who started to set the pace of the race was Peter Engdahl. The Swedish runner resisted his incredible rhythm, although the Italian Marco de Gasperi bridged the gap with Engdahl at the halfway point of the race. At the Refugio de El Pilar, the first important point of the event, the Swedish runner was in first position, the Italian in second place, and then there was a group of runners who were starting to approach both runners ahead of them. These runners were Garrivier, Mityaev, Jonathan Albon and Max King.

It needs to be said that some elite runners, such as Rui Ueda, Morgan Elliott or Jordi Gamito, had some physical problems during the race. That lead to a limitation of the group of runners who were fighting for the win. Marco de Gasperi, who was doing an unbelievable race, had to retire too, so that left Garrivier and Mityaev as race leaders. Both runner were the ones who were going to compete for the win in the Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2019. And so it was.

It was at the Torre de El Time where Mityaev and Garrivier overcame Engdahl. In the next important point of the race, the Puerto de Tazacorte, Garrivier was already some minutes ahead of the Russian Mityaev. The French athlete only had to manage his advantage in order to win the Transvulcania Naviera Armas for the first time. Garrivier crossed the finish line in Los Llanos de Aridane with a time of 7:11:04. Mityaev was second, as he was in 2018, with a time of 7:14:23. Engdahl finished third (7:21:28) after a magnificent race. Jonathan Albon crossed the finish line in fourth position (7:36:34). The surprise of the race was made by Diego Pazos, who ended up in the sixth position, with a time of 7:41:48. 

The women category was not as thrilling as the men category, because of the brilliant race done by Ragna Debats. The Dutch runner was the clear favourite of the race, after having achieved some great results during this year. The reigning World Champion started with a great pace along other runners, such as Anna Lisse Rousset or Megan Kimmel. Slowly, and after a controlled beginning, the Dutch runner started to make the difference with her rivals, as she showed at the Torre del Time, where she already had a great time difference with her companions. Finally, Debats crossed the finish line in Los Llanos de Aridane with a time of 8:09:25. Anne Lisse Rousset finished for the third time in the second place (8:25:11) and Megan Kimmel was third with a time of 8:35:03.


The Argentine Juan Esteban Las Peñas and the Japanese Yuri Yoshizumi were the champions of the Marathon H10 Hotels, a category in which a great number of Canarian runners made a brilliant race. Las Peñas was the favourite runner and met expectations. He started the race with a high pace, and maintained it until the end of it. Behind him, a group of Canarian runners tried to approach to the Argentine, who was not slowing down his rhythm. These runners were Sergio Martín, Alberto González and Carlos Carballo. Las Peñas reached the finish line in Tazacorte with almost 11 minutes of difference with the second runner, which shows how dominant the race of the Argentine was.

Esteban Las Peñas had a time of 4:17:53 after 45 km of racing. After him, two Canarian runners entered the podium. Sergio Martín finished in the second place (4:28:30) and Alberto González was third with a time of 4.30:17. Luis Mas was fourth (4:35:49) and Carlos Carballo ended up in the fifth position (4:42.59).

On the other hand, the Japanese runner Yuri Yoshizumi had to come back after being behind of her fierce rivals. It looked like the Japanese runner was going to have some problems to even enter the podium, as her rivals were doing a fantastic race. However, her constant pace was decisive to overcome her rivals and became the winner of the event, with a time of 4:43:56. Virginia Pérez finished the race in second place (4:52:12) and Aroa Sío was third with a time of 5:02:16. 


There was a lot of expectation with the ‘short’ race. The most explosive, dynamic and spectacular one. And it did not disappoint. Aritz Egea and Yngvild Kaspersen were the winners of the Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias. The Norwegian runner even broke the record of the category, which was in the hands of Laura Orgué.

It was a great competition. The favourites were the ones who dictated the pace of the race, not letting other runners to approach to their group. Aritz Egea was the one who seemed more convinced of his chances to win such a contested race. The runner from team Salomon was constantly trying to open a gap between him and the rest of athletes, nevertheless, he could not do it due to the talent of the winner of the Binter Vertical Kilometre on Thursday, Daniel Osanz, who reached Egea in the head of the race.

Egea was not giving up the chance to win such an important race, so he stepped forward and opened a gap with Osanz, who could not resist the pace set by the Spanish runner. Finally, Egea crossed the finish line with a time of 2:16:46, after a great effort at the end of the race. Osanz was second (2:18:17) and the Canarian runner De Paz, who was the absolute revelation of the race, finished in the third position (2:19:02).

In the women category, the Norwegian runner Yngvild Kaspersen raised an almost unbeatable pace for the rest of runners. She even destroyed the record of the race, after improving the old record set by Laura Orgué in almost seven minutes. The Norwegian runner, who was intractable during the whole race, had a time of 2:39:33. The second place of the race was for Gisela Carrión, who did also an outstanding race, fighting against Kaspersen and setting a great time of 2:42:41. Sheila Avilés was third with a time of 2:50:30.

Ekaterina Ryazanova was fourth (2:58:07), Renee Cardinals fifth (3:01:15) and Iris Pessey sixth (3.05:26). Special recognition to Iris Pessey, who made an unbelievable effort to finish the race, as she ran the whole race with an arm in a sling.