The Transvulcania Naviera Armas breaks all the records of its international awareness

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The race reaches 2.8 million euro due to publicity and is followed by more tan 176.000 viewers worldwide

Leader. The tenth edition of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas, the one of the records, broke all the registers. To the record of the racers and of the different nationalities, it has to be added the record of the publicity impact, the record of the viewers via streaming and the record of viewers at the broadcasting of Televisión Canaria. The international scope of the race was analysed by Kantar Media, the leading company at Media monitoring.

According to Kantar Media, the race achieved, in a period of two months, 2.8 million euro of publicity value, which certifies the success of the marketing campaigns designed by the organization. The meaning of this study reveals that the scope of the different modalities of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas has been the equivalent of an investment of 2.8 million euro of publicity. This study does not include the broadcasting of the race via internet, neither the coverage made by the public broadcaster of the regional television.

The study also reveals other great facts, which show the success of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2018. In this way, the race found some other parameters like more than 275 million of contacts, reached online and also offline. This is also a new record achieved at this year’s event.

The study also shows that there were more than 2.54 million mentions on social networks, and more than 250 million of contacts at the online media. There were also more than 20.5 million of contacts through paper-press and 2.48 million of contacts through television.

But the work of international dissemination of the race is still not over. The organization is already working at a special of half hour duration, which is going to be distributed internationally to more than a hundred countries through different media networks as FoxSports, Sky Sports, Eurosport, Universal Sports Network, Prisa TV or Movistar +.

“These stats confirm the success of the marketing strategy made by the organization, breaking many records and reaching a publicity value of 2.8 million euro”, said the sports counsellor of La Palma, Ascensión Rodríguez, who added that “the promotion of this tenth edition does not end here. We will keep working in order to extend what we have achieved at this tenth edition of the race to other countries and to other networking companies, for making the Transvulcania even more international than it already is”.