The Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2019 is ready to start

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The three remaining categories are going to take place tomorrow (Saturday 11th Mai) with an uncertain forecast

The Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2019 is ready to go. The three remaining categories are going to take place tomorrow, as the Binter Vertical Kilometer took place yesterday. The main category, which is the Ultra Marathon Naviera Armas, is going to get the spotlights of the day, as there will be a great amount of worldwide runners who are going to compete for the win in a race that is expected to be amazing. The other two categories are the Marathon H10 Hotels and the Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias, which are also going to be two spectacular races.

The Ultra Marathon is going to start at 6am from the Faro de Fuencaliente. This will be the starting point of 2.000 runners who are going to try to complete the 74km of the race as fast as they can. The finish line will be situated in Los Llanos de Aridane.

There are many runners who will try to improve their own results from other editions, and others who will try to give their best at their first participation in the race. Unfortunately, Pere Aurell will not be able to compete tomorrow due to an injury, but there are other athletes like Marco de Gasperi, Thibaut Garrivier, Morgan Eliott or Dmitry Mytiaev who have already competed in the Transvulcania and who know the difficulties of such a hard and tough race. There is another group of runners who are going to run the Transvulcania for the first time. This group includes great runners like Jonathan Albon, the Skyrunning World Champion, the American Max King, the Swedish Peter Engdahl or the Spaniard Jordi Gamito, who participated in last year’s UTMB and finished in the third position.

Among the women, there are many runners who will opt for the win. Ragna Debats is for sure one of the favorites for winning the race, even more after the renunciation of Kelly Wolf, who will not be able to run due to ankle problems. Debats, the reigning World Champion, will have the competence from the American Megan Kimmel, winner of the Skyrace World Champion in 2016, or the French Anne Lise Rousset, two times runner-up of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas (2016 and 2017). There is another group of athletes who are going to fight hard for the win, although they are not as well-known as the runners mentioned above. This is the case of the Italian Elisa Desco, the Suisse Jasmin Nunige or the Swedish athlete Kristin Berglund. María Zorroza, winner of the Marathon H10 Hotels of the Transvulcania 2018, is going to change the category, as she will compete in this year’s Ultramarathon. The best Canarian runner in last year’s edition, María Ruiz, is going to try to improve her time, which would be a great satisfaction for her, as he did a fantastic race in last year’s event.


The Marathon H10 Hotels is going to be 45 km long, which is also going to be a great physical proof for the runners, who are going to start the race from the Refugio de El Pilar at 10am and are going to reach the finish line, approximately, at 1:30pm. There will be plenty of Canarian runners who are going to fight against athletes from all around the world. The clear favorite of this year’s edition is the American Rob Krar, winner of the Leadville Trail Run 100 Ultra Trail Harricana Du Canada and Quicksilver 50K. The Russian runner Aleksei Babushkin, who finished in the ninth position in the Transvulcania 2018, is going to have the chance to improve his result. 

The Argentine Juan Esteban Las Peñas, who ended up third in last year’s edition, as well as other Canarian runners, like Jordan Lorenzo, Maikel Armas, Francisco Rodríguez de Paz or Sergio Guerra, are going to belong to the group of runners who will try to join the group of favorites, which would mean a lot to them, knowing that the quality from the favorites of the race is very high.

Yuri Yoshizumi is the clear candidate for the victory in the women category. The Japanese athlete, winner of the Asian Vertical Kilometre and the Skyrunner Vertical Series in Japan (2017), returns to a category where she has achieved great results. However, it is not going to be easy for her, as she could not enter the podium in the Binter Vertical Kilometre celebrated on Thursday. Virginia Pérez is going to be a great rival for the Japanese, as she won the Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias in 2017 and the Matterhorn Ultraks in 2018. Other amazing athletes are Roser Español, Aroa Sío, Ana Tauste, Elisabet Margeirsdottir or Gabriela Sánchez, who are going to convert this race into show.


The Half Marathon is going to start one hour and a half later than the Ultra Marathon. The most ‘explosive’ category is going to be a show, as the ramps that lead to the Refugio de El Pilar are certainly going to be a decisive point of the race.

Luis Alberto Hernando, three-times World Champion, wants to reign at the Transvulcania. He would make history, as he would be the first athlete to win the four categories that compose the Transvulcania. However, he is going to have some fierce competitors, such as Daniel Osanz, who won the Binter Vertical Kilometre beating him at the Torre de El Time, or the Canarian Cristofer Clemente, who has shown an incredible improvement in the last year. Another great rival for Luis Alberto Hernando is going to be Aritz Egea, European Skyrunning Champion. The French Ludovic Pommeret, Alexis Sévennec and Camille Caparros are going to add some quality to the race.

The absence of two of the favorites for the win, Eli Gordón and Michelle Maier, opens a great spectrum of chances for different runners. Sheila Avilés, the Norwegian Yngvild Kaspersen, Gisela Carrión, Montse Martínez, Ingrid Ruiz or Iris Pessey are great runners who will try to be the best in the Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias 2019.