Pascal Egli and Christel Dewalle pop the Vertical Kilometre Binter

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The Swiss runner wins in an amazing race, with the first three in less than 13 seconds between each other; the French breaks the record in the women’s category

The race was expected to be the best in history, and so it was. The tenth edition of the Vertical Kilometre Binter of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas was a fantastic show for everyone who was watching it. The Swiss Pascal Egli and the French Christel Dewalle broke the odds and became the winners of this year’s Vertical Kilometre, beating the reigning champions Stian Angermund-Vik and Yuri Yoshizumi.

Pascal Egli showed his candidature for the win from the beginning. The Swiss athlete started very fast, followed by the reigning champion Stian Angermund-Vik and Rui Ueda. The three of them started with very good sensations on their route to the Torre del Time. At the midway checkpoint, the equality between the first five runners was incredible. Egli, Angermund Vik, Ueda, the Spanish Aritz Egea and the Czech Ondrej Fejfar were putting on a show at this moment. Once they surpassed the halfway of the race, the five runners maintained their level, making the race even more amazing. Last year’s record (47.22), established by Angermund-Vik, was in danger.

And Egli nearly broke it. He finished the race with a time of 47.55 and waited until their opponents ended up their races. Rui Ueda finished third, with a time of 48.08, and the Norwegian runner Angermund-Vik, the reigning champion, ended up at the second place with a time of 48.03.

“I’m very happy with this win, I knew I was in good shape and that I was able to compete against the best runners, and it is a great pleasure for me to have beaten all the amazing runners that took part today at the Vertical Kilometre here at the Transvulcania”, said Egli after an historic win.

Aritz Egea finished the race at the fourth place (49.21) and the Czech runner Ondrej Fejfar ended up fifth (49.45), showing both of them a great level and fighting for entering the podium.

At the women’s category, the level was outstanding. Christen Dewalle broke the record of the modality, which was established before by Emie Collinge with a time of 57.52. Dewalle destroyed the timer and set the new record with a time of 56.52, after putting on a show at this year’s Vertical Kilometre Binter.

Dewalle was one of the runners who was supposed to compete against the reigning champion Yuri Yoshizumi. Other elite runners who were expected to fight for the win were Laura Orgué, Eli Gordón and Zuzan Krchova. From the halfway of the race, the distance between the first group of runners and the rest of runners was surprisingly big. Christen Dewalle broke the timer with a stratospheric time of 56.52 and set the best time in the history of the race.

Laura Orgué finished the race at second place, and the Czech Zuzana Krchova repeated the third place of last year’s race with a time of 1.01.13. The Japanese Yuri Yoshizumi, the favourite of the fans at the beginning in Tazacorte, finished the race at the fifth place (1.01.29), right before the Italian Stephanie Jiménez (1.01.18).

“It is a very important win for me”, said Dewalle, who explained that she felt “very good” during the whole race and had “very good sensations”, which made her win the race.

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