Kilian Jornet’s record-breaker, Bhim Gurung, will run the Transvulcania for the first time

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The Nepali runner became famous in 2016 after beating the established record of Kilian Jornet at the iconic “Kima de Italia” Trophy.

Bhim Gurung is 36 years old and he is an athlete of the team “Salomon”. In 2013, he joined the Nepali army and was selected for being part of its athletics’ team, and that is why he started to prepare himself with a view to run marathons. After participating in some long-distance races, it was in 2010 when this sergeant started to train in order to compete in mountain-races. After that, Bhim Gurung won some races and his name started to sound familiar in the world of trail runners.

In 2016, the Nepali runner won races like “The North Face Kathmandu Ultra”, the “Oxfam Trailwalker Hong Kong” or the “Kima Trophy”, where he broke the previous circuit record, which was established by Kilian Jornet. Exactly in this event, Marco de Gasperi, the sixth-time World Champion and one of the favourite runners for winning the Transvulcania 2018, crossed the line in the second place.

Bhim Gurung, who also won in 2017 many other trophies like the “Yading Skyrunning Festival” or the “Royal Race Gran Paradiso”, is obviously one of the favourite runners in order to win the Transvulcania in his first appearance, as well as Marco De Gasperi and all the other elite athletes, which are going to take part in the tenth edition of the Transvulcania.

The sports counsellor, Ascención Rodríguez, said that she is very satisfied “because of the elite athletes that we are announcing for the tenth edition of the Transvulcania, which I’m sure that is going to be one of the most competitive ever”.