Ida Nilsson wins for the third straight time and Pere Aurell wins his first Transvulcania Naviera Armas

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The Swedish runner wins for the third straight her modality while the Spanish runner surprises everyone winning the race ahead of the favourite runners

The Ultramarathon of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas has a new winner. The Spanish runner Pere Aurell showed his ability and his quality as a runner, after winning this year’s Transvulcania, beating some of the best runners in the world. For Ida Nilsson this is starting to become routine, as she won the race for the third straight time, and showing that she is one of the best runners ever.

One of the favourite runners, the American Cody Reed, promised before the race that he was going to put on a show. And he certainly did. Reed started with a very high pace, followed by the Moroccan Zaid Ait Malek. The race showed his toughness, as many runners could not maintain a regular pace, as well as other runners started to run even faster at the end of the race, like e.g. Marco De Gasperi. The Italian runner ran from least to most, finishing the race with a very good pace. Reed could not maintain his excellent pace, at the same time as other runners, like Dmitry Mityaev or Pere Aurell, started to run even faster than they were already doing.

Aurell and Mityaev had a beautiful duel, battling both of them for winning the tenth edition of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas. At the end, Aurell finished the race with a better pace than his rival, and won this year’s race with a time of 7.37.26. Mityaev ended up second with a time of 7.42.49, while Thibaut Garrivier completed the podium with an excellent time of 7.42.49.

At the women’s category, Ida Nilsson showed once again her superiority. Before the race, Nilsson said that she would try to maintain a very good pace the whole race for having a chance of repeating the triumph at the Transvulcania. And she did it perfectly. The only runner who fought with Nilsson was Mónica Comas. The Spanish runner and Kelly Wolf tried to approach to the Swedish athlete, but the pace of Nilsson was too high for both runners.

Nilsson won the race with a time of 8.40.43. She thanked the support of the fans of the Transvulcania, as she said that she always “feels like home” when she runs at the Transvulcania. Mónica Comas finished second with a time of 8.46.57 and Kelly Wolf ended up third at her first participation in the race with a time of 8.49.45.

“It was very tough, but also extremely beautiful”, said Wolf right after crossing the finish line, where she thanked the fans for supporting her at the tougher moments of the race. She also promised to try to win the race in future editions.

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