Daniel Osanz and Jessica Pardin are the winners of the Binter Vertical Kilometre

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The competition has started at the Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2019 with the victories of the young Spanish runner of team Adidas and the French athlete

The competition has just started at the Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2019 with the Binter Vertical Kilometre, an extremely demanding and hard category. The winners were Daniel Osanz and Jessica Perdin, who were the two fastest athletes to reach the finish line placed in the Torre de El Time.

It needs to be said that both athletes were not among the list of favourites to win the category, as there were a lot of other runners with more experience in this kind of races. This is why both athletes were very proud and amazed after such an incredible race, where the majority of spectators enjoyed a fantastic show with an unexpected end.

The Japanese journalist Nagi Murofushi was the first athlete to complete the first 7,6 km of the race. Short after that, the clear favourites of the Vertical Kilometre started to make a difference. Firstly, the Canarian runners where the ones who took the lead of the race. Ana Begoña González, Adrián Concepción, Solveig Horn, Francisco Rodríguez, José Manuel León or Gabriela Sánchez were constantly fighting for the first places, as well as other runners like Daniel Osanz or Yukari Hoshimo.

This showed the tendency of the race, where the clear favourites, such as Luis Alberto Hernando or the Japanese Yuri Yoshizumi, achieved to join the group of athletes who were commanding the race. After some minutes of great competition among the athletes, there were some of them who started to run for the win, and others who were left behind. The hard ramps of the race were the decisive points of the competition, where almost 200 runners were inscribed.

After the first time reference of the race, Hernando and De Gasperi had the same time (19:42), meanwhile the medicine student Daniel Osanz had the best time of the race (19:08). Alexis Sevennec (19:27), Aritz Egea (19:42) and Camille Caparros (19:50) were also competing for the lead. Gisela Carrión (22:39) was the leading athlete in the women category, followed by Jessica Pardin (23:06) and Yuri Yoshizumi (23:36).

At the finish line in the Torre de El Time, Osanz made an incredible time (48:42), becoming the winner of this year’s Binter Vertical Kilometre. He had to wait until his rivals entered the finish line, but all of them made it ‘slower’. Luis Alberto Hernando finished the race in the second place (49:47), and the French athlete Alexis Sévennec ended up in the third position, only one second behind Hernando (49:48). Aritz Egea finished in the fourth position (49:48) and Marco de Gasperi was the fifth athlete to enter the finish line (50:32).

The women category had also a very high level. The French runner Jessica Pardin established the best time to win the Binter Vertical Kilometre (58:38). Gisela Carrión ended up in the second place (59:59) and the Norwegian athlete Yngivvild Kaspersen was third (01:00:50). Yoshizumi finished fourth (01:01:23) and Iris Pessey finished in the fifth position (01:02:43).

“I’m so proud, I had great feelings and I’m very happy with my result and with the triumph of my teammate Dani Osanz”, said Luis Alberto Hernando with exquisite sportsmanship, who added that he was “not surprised with the victory of Osanz” as he knew about his tremendous quality as an athlete.

“I know how the differences are made in this kind of races, where you have to go always to the fullest and giving your best”, explained the three times World Champion, who admitted to enjoy competing with one of his idols, Marco de Gasperi. “He has always been a reference to me, so I’m very satisfied to have the chance to compete with him in such a great place”, said Hernando after one hard fought battle.