Angermund-Vik and Orgué make history and win the Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias

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The shorter modality of the Transvulcania Naviera Armas was a spectacular show that gave us two new winners

A higher step. That is what the Norwegian Stian Angermund-Vik and the Spanish Laura Orgué achieved at the Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias, after finishing both of them at the second place in the Vertical Kilometre Binter, which took place on Thursday.

The favourite runners for winning the race started running very fast, showing their power and strength from the beginning on. Ueda, Angermund-Vik, Aritz Egea and Pascal Egli, the winner of the Vertical Kilometre, ran at a very high pace, which was impossible to follow by other runners.

At the end, Angermund-Vik took the control of the race and showed an even higher pace than the rest of his rivals, achieving like that the triumph at the Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias with a time of 2.13.34. Ueda, who finished at the second place, said that “Angermund-Vik was just better than me, and that is why he won the race deservedly”. Ueda had a time of 2.13.43, while Aritz Egea, who ended up third, finished the race with a time of 2.15.25.

At the women’s category, Laura Orgué was unstoppable. The Catalan runner followed the whole race the French runner Christel Dewalle, winner of the Vertical Kilometre Binter on Thursday. Orgué made a fantastic strategy, taking advantage of her ability on the descends, for surpassing Dewalle and becoming the new Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias champion with a time of 2.45.53. The second place was for Eli Gordón, who also surpassed Dewalle at the home stretch and finished the race with a time of 2.52.32.

“I felt very comfortable the whole race. I only had some difficulties at the halfway of the race, but I recovered good and after that, I knew that I would have a chance to surpass Christel at the descends, and so did I. I’m very happy”, said the new champion of the Half Marathon Plátano de Canarias at the tenth edition of the Transvulcania.

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