The American Tim Freriks returns for Transvulcania 2020

He returns with the intention of winning, as he did in the 2017 race


Transvulcania has always thrown up surprises. The La Palma race has witnessed the emergence of many stars of the trail world over the lifetime of the event. This was the case with North American Tim Freriks, who in 2017 arrived at Isla Bonita as an unknown, without a sponsor and left the island of La Palma with the winner’s medal in his backpack.


In 2017 Tim traveled from Flagstaff (Arizona) to La Palma at the suggestion of his partner Jim Wamsley, who knew that if Tim made a good impression in a big race, he would make his name in Trail running internationally. This story is proof that dreams sometimes come true and because in 2017, Tim’s pace was so frenetic that no one could catch him.


Now, with an big sponsor and with more experience, the winner of the TNF Endurance Challenge California 50M, Flagstaff Sky Race or Broken Arrow Sky Race, returns to Transvulcania 2020 with the same intention. He will be one of the runners to beat in the twelfth edition of Transvulcania to be held on May 9, 2020.


The North American confirmed “I cannot be happier to return to La Palma to run Transvulcania 2020. This race in 2017 was the beginning of my professional career and will always have a special place in my heart. My debut in Transvulcania was to prove to myself that I could run a race that I knew I was able to do since I started running down the mountain. After this time I have realized that I still have that fire in me. ”