The Transvulcania marathon will start at the hermitage of La Virgen del Pino and will end at Los Llanos de Aridane  

The half marathon will maintain it’s route and will take place on Friday, May 8

The Transvulcania 2020 marathon, which will host the Spanish Trail championship for the first time, will give greater value to the race. Now, with an even more demanding route, reaching the finish line will not only be a triumph for the first place finishers, but also fulfill a tremendous challenge for each of the participants.

The first major event of the race take place at the start. The 600 athletes will start the race at 2:00 pm on Friday, May 8, near the hermitage of El Pino de la Virgen. It is there, on the side of the old royal road that the athletes will face a demanding ascent that connects with the long-distance path GR -131, and continues along the usual route of previous editions which borders Taburiente National Park of La Caldera de Taburiente.


The best national trail-runners will start with a spectacular first level ascent, of notable interest to each and every one of the lovers of this sport, in an attempt to make a difference since the start of the competition.

The sense of fulfillment achieved by finishing the Transvulcania marathon will also be increased with the new finish line. The courage of the participants will face a new difficulty while the forces against them are already strong. Thus, increasing the task at hand which makes any race bigger and, therefore, it’s survivors. Instead of finishing in Tazacorte as usual, finish line will be located in the same place that every year the athletes of the ultramarathon enjoy; the heart of Los Llanos de Aridane.

The runners will receive the encouragement of the fans as they pass through El Puerto de Tazacorte, one of the most endearing and charismatic places along the entire route, before facing the final 5 kilometers along El Camino Real de la Costa.

Finishing the Marathon, with a positive slope of 2.595 meters and a negative slope of 3.123, will undoubtedly require a source of pride. The runners will have nine hours to finish the 45.21 kilometers to Los Llanos de Aridane.

In regards to the Half Marathon, a demanding race, lasts as long as it does because of the characteristic of the route, including the volcanic terrain on which the participants have to run through. It maintains it’s start at the Fuencaliente Lighthouse and finish line at El Refugio del Pilar. At 2:00 pm on Friday, May 8, athletes must face a race that does not offer any time to rest on the Volcano Route. The task of running just over 24 kilometers must be conquered in 6 hours and 30 minutes given, which is no easy feat.

half-marathon-map-v3 (2)

The Half-Marathon schedule has been redesigned to ensure a greater prestige and recognition to the efforts of each of the athletes, in addition to respecting the tireless work carried out by the volunteers.


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